Monday, 15 February 2010

An experiment...

As an experiment I set up a web page with a form for visitors to submit an anonymous message. It simply asked the question "Who are you?" I gave out the address to friends, and posted it on forums and urged them to do the same for a few days. I did this out of curiosity, to gain an insight into how people see themselves, what they choose to share with a stranger. Here are some responses:

I am...waiting to fall in love. (sent on February 14th)

I am...wearing 2 pairs of glasses...

I am...Independent, stubborn, loyal to a fault. caring. deep. confused. quick witted, sarcastic. cynical yet optimistic. different.

I am...wasting your bandwidth.

I am a girl.
I am a lost girl.
I am an ever-learning girl.
I am an independent girl.

I am me,
and "me" is she.
"Me," however,
does not know "she."
Together, we will be,
forever bonded with
me and

Since leaving school i have realised that i only made friends with Christians or rich people with large houses, thats how i learnt about things such as glyndebourne and ended up taking my mum on trips to fortnum and masons to buy champange and strawberry jam because i wanted to fit in with my friends. i did also have other friends so have come to the conclusion that i may be a social chamelion - flexible in any situation - and also that Christianity leads to people having a big house, only if they are gluttanous god squadders.

I am...The gray sheep. Not black, not white. Just gray.

I am...a shy girl with big dreams. I am an athlete, coach, musician, artist, lover, risk-taker, friend, gamer, adventurous, nature loving, candle burning, t-shirt and jeans kind of country girl. I am me.

I am...extremely lonely...but kinda ok with it.

I am...Helen. I am a Snowy Owl. I am a step-mum, I am a fiancée, I am an administrator, I am slightly loopy, I am a denizen of The Flat, I am 28 years old. I am a Christian. I am a muppet who does too much to have much spare time. I am a member of Weightwatchers and have lost 4lb in 3 weeks. I am many other things as well which I don't have time to list.

I am...watching you...

I am...Batman.

I am...someone who is afraid to try for fear of failing.

I am...getting stronger every day.

I am...22 years old in my last year of studying Human Geography at Reading, UK. I'm usually happy but a lot of things about society tend to irritate me and thus I complain a lot. However, I generally think that my complaints are fair and not simply rants of a madman. Therefore when people discredit my opinion on a whim without any retorted argument, I instantly label them as morons.

When the great scorer condemns us all to the the great subs bench in the sky, I'll be in the press box with cheap champagne screaming 'I WAS RIGHT'


I am...your father.

I am...a 19 year old guy at Southampton Solent University in England studying Computer Games Development as a doss. I have no aims or goals in life.

I enjoy the range of responses, from "witty" to revealing, to utterly pretentious!!

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