Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Hmm....I've been playing around with ideas of how to visually represent the "personalities" in my project. NOTHING IS WORKING. It's all feeling too literal. Like...Person is described; Person appears in animation. I can't really explain. But it's boring me...

I really just want to play with the actual words. I think I'm going to stop dicking around and just make the event happen!! Have three "personalities" planned, and three visual examples of what makes them....them. Lets go see how people judge them.

ALSO! I have been going off the idea of separating out each personality... I think I would rather look at how they merge and overlap. As...that's how they make up the person. I'm becoming increasingly interested in the idea of the transformation from one character to another.

Slightly relevant:

I love this. It's not entirely relevant, but sort of is. Says something wonderful about our societies perception of beauty...

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