Tuesday, 2 March 2010

STOP. Continue...

"You will be expected to explain the project , justify your design decisions and indentify an audience."

So what am I trying to achieve? How am I going to go about doing it? Who is it for?

  • I want to communicate the convergence of different personalities within one person, both from the subjects own perspective and from the perspective of an unknown observer. I want to explore what details make up the different personalities, and how these aspects are forced to intertwine and merge to exist alongside each other.
  • I want to represent the subjects perspective of their self through a series of 3D monsters, which act as the subjects inner self. I then plan to juxtapose this with typography explaining an outside observers judgement of the subjects personality, this feedback will be collected anonymously. I plan to combine this in a cyclical animation, where there is no beginning or end.
  • My audience is the average young adult between the ages of 18-25.
I think what I'm trying to achieve is something that the audience can relate to...each monster will represent a statement about the person, and it is inevitable that other people will relate to one or more of these statements. My animation will aim to offer the viewer some hope that they are not alone.

I'm a bloody public service me!

Sound good to you?

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