Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Here goes...

Riiiight, I think this is the point where I disregard what my lovely tutors tell me to do and do what actually interests me for my project. Good bye good grades!!

But yeah, I was told this needed to be based around an event. And so I was GOING TO make little magic parcels of stuff to represent each personality...and leave them for people to find. In like cafes and public places like that. Probably film the results. and invite the finder to make a judgement about the person who left the stuff.

But I am feeling a little cynical and I don't actually believe that that will work. And to be honest I have little interest in filming people finding my stuff...MEH.

I just want to collect the responses, I like words. Soooooo...To give myself more possible chances of responses...I have photos of "stuff"...offering a glimpse into someone elses life...see:

So these will be printed and left around to be discovered with a scribbled note on the back inviting a response.


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